Since I returned home to New Orleans after the storm, it’s been rather disconcerting to travel somewhere else. Aside from an only partially irrational fear that the city won’t be there when I get back – that actuallyDisney World 3-11-06 008.jpg started before Katrina, after Ivan – I get the impression these other cities are sneering at us back home. Their skyscapers are beautiful and filled with Fortune 500 companies, while ours don’t even have all the windows. Their houses don’t have blue roofs and they even get their trash picked up and magazines delivered.

Magnify that feeling by a million times at Disney World, where I am now. The lawns are amazing. They must have more landscape workers in Epcot than we do in all of Louisiana. The buses run on time, it’s super clean, and eveyone here is nice to you. The biggest concern is getting Fast Passes to the top of Splash Mountain, not with preventing your neighborhood from becoming the bottom of Splash Mountain.

Sure, this is a fantasy world, and it’s all contrived, and this isn’t real life anywhere. And of course I check to see if I missed anything back home. (I did – it looks like I was right about the assessor board incumbents filing (through obvious proxies) desperate lawsuits to scrach the IQ nicknames.)

So rather than dwell on what we don’t have in New Orleans right now, I’ll just concentrate on the fun we’re having down here for a few days. And it is lots of fun. Mickey says hello.