In order to have the Louisiana bar examination graded anonymously, applicants have long been required to sign their examinations with fictitious names, with only the administrator knowing the real names. Names can derive from history (Napoleon Bonaparte), pop culture (Ally McBeal) or inspiration (Ike N. Dewitt).  Some names are novel, while others are used ad nauseum.  (Bar examiners got so sick of grading papers by "Atticus Finch," that the name has been permanently barred from future use.)

To spare any public embarrassment, the Louisiana Bar Association posts only the fictitious names of those who condition or fail the bar exam. Here are some of our favorite names from the February 2006 bar:

crossed fingers.jpeg    Hope I. Pass , YR-777, Failed

    Pray Today , BS-211, Failed

    Maybe Nexttime , TS-216, Failed

Also, congrats to LSU Law School, which had the highest passage rate of all Louisiana schools, with 69.7%.