New Orleanians hungry for seconds have raised the Mexican flag for the last time. After closing its doors for Hurricane Katrina, Pancho’s Mexican Buffet is refusing to reopen its only area store, citing extensive hurricane damage.panchos.gif

In an e-mail obtained by The Weathers Report, a Pancho’s spokesperson claims the store was “severely damaged during the hurricane and rendered inoperable.” She added “it is no longer safe to operate there” and that they “have closed that location indefinitely.”

The news comes as a blow to the dozens of the New Orleans residents who inexplicably enjoyed the all-you-can eat buffet’s substandard food and service. When learning of the closure, Mexican food connoisseur and Pancho’s Birthday Club member Meredith Pinkerton was quoted as saying “NOOOOOOOOOO!” On Wall Street, shares of Proctor and Gamble, makers of Pepto-Bismol, were down 22 cents a share. dine_in_banner.gif

It is unclear why Pancho’s either lacked insurance or is refusing to utilize its insurance proceeds to restore safe operations. Speculation centers on management’s possible fear that the area lacks the necessary Hispanic work force.



Ms. Pinkerton,

Thank you for contacting us via our webite. We appreciate your loyalty and support, as well as your comments. As you know, our store in Metairie, LA was severely damaged during the hurricane and rendered inoperable. Since it is no longer safe to operate there, we have closed that location indefinitely. We currently have no plans to rebuild there or relocate elsewhere in the area. We do appreciate you letting us know you miss us in Metairie, and we hope to see you some time soon at any one of our 30+ locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklhoma (sic), and Arizona. Thanks for letting us know how you feel.


Kristi Wallace, Marketing Coordinator