The Uptown corner of St. Charles and Napoleon was quite the scene on this monumental election day. Supporters waved signs, motorists honked horns, and candidates hugged and shook hands. The Weathers Report was on the scene, as always.

000_0223_1.JPG Landrieu and Forman, frontrunners to meet Nagin in the runoff.

000_0214_1.JPG Handsome DeSalvo-for-Criminal Sheriff supporters.

000_0224_1.JPG Landrieu and former Saints executive and council-at-large candidate Arnie Fielkow.

000_0229_1.JPG Holy Moses, unofficial Saints mascot, stumps for Fielkow.

000_0207.JPG Fielkow, with his very own campaign fire truck?

000_0227.JPG No, Forman took over the lease at noon.

000_0217.JPG Soon-to-be-former candidate for civil sheriff.

000_0228_1.JPG Lawn care worker/council candidate Quentin Brown, promising "No BS."

Developing . . .