In a stunning disappointment, former mayoral candidate Rob Couhig (R) has endorsed Mayor Nagin for re-election. Couhig says he is supporting the man he portrayed as a chocolate cuckoo clock in his television advertisements during the primary campaign because Nagin is someone “who understands business.”

Perhaps, but the problem is that Nagin doesn’t know the first thing about governing. Nagin’s handling of the evacuation, storm and immediate aftermath was satisfactory, or at least forgivable under the circumstances. But his incompetence, pandering, and utter inability to provide even the most basic services to city residents since then is inexcusable. Where else in the industrial world do fed-up residents resort to making their own homemade street signs???

Here are some more photographs from the primary election last month:


The Lt. Governor works the crowd.


“My brother-in-law owes me big time.”


Sadly, this is the closest Forman ever got to getting a black vote.


“No BS” Sign #546.


Quentin Brown supporter with bona fide printed campaign gear.

Don’t rear end this guy. One call, that’s all.

Mitch and council-at-(very)-large candidate Alden G. Hagardorn (R)