It hasn't been the requisite 22.3 years, but Hurricane Katrina jokes have been making the rounds since the days after the storm. Here's a mild one from Dick Derbes of Baton Rouge. Perhaps he heard it from Smiley Anders.


St. Peter reports to work one morning at the Pearly Gates and discovers a huge crowd waiting to come inside. Based on the odd accents and disproportionate number of old Aaron Brooks jerseys – his favorite team is the Saints – he quickly realizes the entire flock is from New Orleans. He rushes to God's office to find out what to do.

God tells him the bad news. "A terrible storm has hit the Gulf Coast. Then the levees breached and New Orleans was flooded. Hundreds of people died and are headed this way. Just make sure they're comfortable and process them through as quickly as possible."

Peter takes a moment to reflect on this astonishing development and hurries back to his post. A moment later, he frantically races back into God's office. "GOD!!! THEY'RE GONE!!!," he cries.

"What????, God exclaims in shock. "The people are GONE???"

"NO," says Peter. "THE PEARLY GATES!!!"