000_0222_1.JPGKudos to our venerable competitor, the Times-Picayune, for finally coming around and endorsing Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu for Mayor of New Orleans. Sure, the editorial board sulked for a few weeks after its anointed savior, Ron Forman, wandered aimlessly, got creamed in the debates, and ultimately finished a distant third in the primary. And unlike its front-page endorsement of Forman in the primary and Nagin four years ago, the paper discretely buried Landrieu's lukewarm endorsement in the editorial page. Also, by delaying the call until three days before the election, it precluded Landrieu from heralding the nod in his last round of TV ads. No worries, the Landrieu camp must be saying. They've had City Business, Gambit, Louisiana Weekly, and of course The Weathers Report, in the can for weeks.

* * *

Brickbats, as the Gambit would say, to the Greater New Orleans Republicans for endorsing the incumbent. GNOR, which is not an official wing of the Republican Party, but rather a club of Young Republicans who grew up and shortened the name, announced its support for Nagin today.dead elephant.jpg (Full disclosure: this correspondent is, or at least used to be, a member of the organization.) I'm convinced the Board members must live in Metaire. Anyone who has actually endured the sluggish and listless recovery in the city proper and is still voting for Nagin is either, to put it mildly, retarded or racist. In fact, a closer look at the GNOR's "10 Reasons to Vote for Nagin," shows the group is most concerned with keeping down a rising-star Democrat. As if it's better for Orleans to limp along with lame duck Nagin. Wrong answer, guys. This election is about leadership and it's too important, oddly enough, to "play politics." Also, Jesse Jackson must think it's hilarious that the lily white crowd at GNOR is endorsing Mr. Chocolate City. You remember that speech, where the mayor channeled MLK and longed for the days where whites were a minority, relegated to token posts like Registrar of Conveyances? On this one, let's ignore the GNOR.