The Weathers Report is pleased to make the following endorsements for the New Orleans runoff elections:

Mayor – Mitch Landrieu

The Lt. Governor has the tools to unite this broken city and set a path for reconstruction.

Council-at-large – Arnold Fielkow

He has an uncanny an enviable ability to send crazy old people into a blind rage. First, he gets fired by Tom Benson for wanting to keep the Saints in Louisiana and then granny storms out of a debate early and calls him an SOB. Let’s see what this guy can do with some real power.

Council District A – Jay Batt

If his whiny liberal opponent wins office, you’re looking at FEMA trailers in Audubon and Daneel Park. No, not really, but she is annoying.

Council District B – Stacy Head

This election is the bellwether post-Katrina election. It pits an incumbent alphabet souper (UTNO, BOLD, YAPA, ACORN) backed by the same collection of losers (like the soon-to-be indicted William Jefferson) that have been running this city into the ground, against a smarter 30-something maritime lawyer and home preservationist. This is a classic white-black, old school-new school battle that never would have taken place but for Katrina. Head will win by a nose.

Council District C – James Carter

A real-life criminal defense lawyer, he reminds us of Eugene from The Practice. No Plan B, just Carter for District C.


Clerk of Criminal Court – Nick Varrecchio

Resembles the District B race, except this guy’s also getting substantial support from the black community. The Louisiana Weekly even endorsed him.

Assessor (1st Municipal District) – Maria “IQ” Elliot

Her opponent is the best of the seven assessors, and she’s probably the least qualified to run for anything, but we’ve got to support the IQ Ticket. We can’t wait for the Legislature to fix this serious problem.

Assessor (4th Municipal District) – Chase “IQ” Jones

His opponent is Betty Jefferson, sister of the soon-to-be indicted William Jefferson. Nuff said?