mexico soccer2.jpegAlthough last month's national "Day Without Immigrants" boycott had virtually no effect on the rebuilding efforts in mexico iran2.jpgNew Orleans, reconstruction came to a screeching halt today as Mexican laborers gathered around televisions to watch their beloved "fútbol" team battle Iran in first round FIFA World Cup action.

New Orleanians, meanwhile, historically unimpressed by the international "soccer" phenomenon, found themselves actually rooting for Iran, notwithstanding its membership in the axis-of-evil, hoping to hasten mexico iran.jpgMexico's exit from the tournament and allow post-Katrina reconstruction to resume.

It could be a long summer for contractors. Mexico looked strong as they defeated the pesky Persians by the score of 3-1. Oddly, the Mexicans next take on Angola, whose athletes until now have been best known for their performances in the biannual prison rodeo.  Developing . . . .