nola_cheek_evl_333.jpgWhen Houston's crime rate spiked after Hurricane Katrina, the city was quick to blame the violence on displaced New Orleanians. Between September and February, Katrina evacuees were accused of being involved in 26 slayings, or nearly 17 percent of all homicides.

Houston's mayor responded by requesting $6.5 million in aid from FEMA, apparently to help its police department patrol the Katrina "hot spots." A tough guy spokesman for the Houston Police Department spouted off that they were "going to relocate these men from apartments in Houston to a prison in Texas."

Yet the Houston police department was no where to be found last week when a Houston man, John Lee Cheek, 31, arrived in Louisiana and killed (allegedly) a St. John the Baptish Parish Sheriff's officer and crashed his car (allegedly) during a police chase, and ran into an elderly man's home and held him hostage (allegedly) before finally surrendering. Although Cheek was already suspected in several Texas thefts, the Houston police department was evidently too busy chasing around Katrina evacuees to lock him up. Maybe New Orleans should now demand money from the federal government to deal with all these criminals flocking here from Texas. Thanks Houston.