000_0275.JPGNearly ten months after Hurricane Katrina, residents of New Orleans have begun to receive in their mail mysterious periodical publications.

Although the content and advertisements are similar to that of newspapers, these media are printed in color on coated paper and bound with a soft cover. They are apparently published on a regular basis and range from general interest and news-oriented to embracing very specific topics, such as cockfighting, whiskey, and man-boy love.

Evidently, the United States Postal Service imposed an embargo on delivery of these publications to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Despite its status as the nation’s third-largest employer (after only the United States Defense Department and Wal-Mart) and its $69 billion in annual revenues, the federally protected monopoly could not be troubled for ten months with the burden of delivering these bothersome rags to New Orleans residents.

Fortunately, the content of the news-oriented periodicals is even more outdated than traditional newspapers, and does not appear to be a viable threat to cutting edge web-based periodicals such as the The Weathers Report.