47b5d731b3127cce940769c3357600000015108acngrdszbuv.jpg47b5d731b3127cce940769f1354400000045108acngrdszbuv_1.jpgA year ago this week, New Orleans downtown businesses were able to return to the city for the first time after Hurricane Katrina. With much of the city still flooded, the short visits were merely to take a quick inventory of damage and retrieve critical assets. It would be another month or more before most businesses were able to return for good.

It is not widely known (nor is it true) that Spike Lee’s renowned HBO documentary, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, was originally made up of five acts. Act V focused on the trek of a New Orleans law firm into the city and up the 36 flights of steps to their wind-and-rain damaged offices. The Weathers Report has obtained and is proud to air this lost fifth act; you can view it by clicking below.