When the Tulane football team takes the field against LSU in Tiger Stadium on September 23, the Tigers will be heavily favored, to say the least. LSU has outscored its two opponents 90-6 thus far, and pending the outcome of its monster matchup with despicable Auburn this weekend, the team could be a national championship contender. On the other hand, Tulane was whipped 45-7 by Houston in its only matchup to date and will probably struggle this weekend against hapless Mississippi State, which has yet to score this year. Win or lose, however, the Green Wave can count on the unwavering support of their loyal alumni, who will charter a bus to Baton Rouge and embrace the pre-game atmosphere with a festive tailgate party.

Check that. Sorry. The bus trip and tailgate party have been cancelled. According to an e-mail obtained from a Tulane alumnae, only 11 “brave fans” signed up for the bus trip and the response for the tailgate party “was too low to support the outlay of human and financial resources.” Several cowards also e-mailed the alumni affairs office to complain “about their experiences at Tulane/LSU games and to explain why they would not be making the trip.”

True, LSU fans are not known for their cordiality to opposing fans, as witnessed by a Georgia Bulldog fan a few years ago. But aside from a few yahoos, LSU fans are generally good natured and will share their incredible food, like jambalaya, boudoin, gumbo, crawfish, and alligator sound. Just get there early, because when the sun sets, dem Cajuns tend to get a lil rowdy.

Prediction: LSU 48, Tulane 0. Attendance 92,141 (345 Tulane fans).

* * *

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:26:36 -0500
Subject: FW: Tulane v. LSU Football Sept. 23 / Tailgate and Bus


Dear Tulanians,

It is regrettable, but we will not be providing bus transportation to Baton Rouge on September 23 nor will there be a tailgate reception at the Field House on Skip Bertman Drive before the game.

The number of people who signed up for the bus trip and for the tailgate was too low to support the outlay of human and financial resources and I do hope that you understand. Eleven brave fans had responded for the bus and eighty-seven for the tailgate party. Several people did email to let me know about their past experiences at Tulane/LSU games and to explain why they would not be making the trip.

The alumni office will be personally making phone calls to let each reservation know about the cancellation. If you know of anyone who was planning to attend the tailgate but had not made a reservation, I would appreciate it if you could forward this message to them. We will have someone at the door of the Field House up until game time, just in case.

I am so sorry that we had to make this decision and I hope it will not deter any of our loyal fans from attending the game to cheer for our team.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Roll Wave,

Charlotte Travieso, NC’64, Director

Office of Alumni Affairs, Tulane University