Pulling for the Colts Over the Boorish Bears Sunday, Jan 28 2007 

m_ae8981166a6247589c77d51cf39f938a.jpgAs Super Bowl XLI approaches, most New Orleanians are pulling for the Indianapolis Colts to put a whipping on the hated Chicago Bears. In addition to wanting a win for hometown hero Peyton Manning, Saints fans are still reeling from the bad behavior of Bears fans in Chicago last week. Those who spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars to watch their beloved Saints at Soldier Field complained of taunts, abuse, and intimidation that went well beyond the spirited ribbing that is common at big-ticket sporting events.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley‘s office acknowledged the deplorable behavior and said it “should never have happened.” Offering an excuse for the misconduct, which included taunts like “FEMA Can’t Help You Now!” the office offered that “maybe the Chicago fans got caught up in the moment of the competition between the two teams.”bearsbinladen.jpg

Mike Bayham, a former St. Bernard Parish city councilman and lifelong Saints fan, witnessed this “moment of the competition” first hand. He snapped a photograph of a bear-masked fan with a sign that says “Bears Finishing What Katrina Started.” Bayham, who lost everything in Katrina (except an impressive collection of photographs of himself with every Republican politician since Teddy Roosevelt), was less than amused. His fine report can be found at Bayou Buzz.com.

Clearly, Da Bears fans are a tough lot when it comes to tragic events of historic proportions. One can only imagine how the New York Giants must have felt after 9/11, when Bears fans must have tormented the visitors over their susceptibility to a sneak attack from al-Qaeda (artist rendering right). Or when Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler, who is Jewish, came to play (artist rendering lower left).

To punish the Bears, The Weathers Report hereby picks them to win the Super Bowl by six points, thereby ensuring their defeat. But in reality, we hope Peyton lights ’em up and gives ’em hell. And that their fans burn there, too.bearshitler.jpg


Ten Thousand Hits! Wednesday, Jan 24 2007 

The Weathers Report would like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your incredible support. In just over a year, we’ve logged over 10,000 hits. That makes us one of the most popular New Orleans-based on-line newspapers published under a Judd Nelson-related pseudonym in American history. Here’s to the next 10,000 hits!

“Wait Till Next Year” Never Said Later Monday, Jan 22 2007 

dscf0903.JPGThe New Orleans Saints of America may have fallen short against the Bears yesterday, but the Monsters of the Spillway took the Who Dat Nation on an ride that will not be forgotten. Never have Black and Gold fans waited so long in the season to say “Wait Till Next Year.” Bless you Boys! Training camp is but six months away.

(Pictured below: Saints fans reenact Reggie Bush’s 88-yard touchdown and Fleur-de-Leap into the endzone past linebacker Brian Urlacher.)


Court Delays Trial for Who Dat Nation Wednesday, Jan 17 2007 

Typical law school answer and question:

Answer: Illness of a party or attorney. Want of material testimony, document or other essential evidence. Unavoidable absence of an essential witness. The New Orleans Saints are playing in the NFC Championship game for the first time in the franchise’s forty-year history.

Question: What are valid grounds to postpone a jury trial?

Kudos to Sher Garner’s Chris Chocheles, whose Sean Payton-obsessed wife is the blonde pictured twice in the last story, for filing the Saints-based motion shown below. In an e-mail statement to The Weathers Report, Chocheles, a long-suffering Saints fan and season ticket holder, explains why the trial delay was absolutely necessary:

Because we fully expect the Saints to win, which will quite possibly signal the end of the world, cats and dogs living together, etc., we felt that it would be prudent to give the city and its residents (including your humble correspondent) the opportunity to enjoy the game with no worries about trudging to court the next morning.

BTW – it was granted!!


Who Dat, my friend. Who Dat.

Saints to Super Bowl Via Chicago – This is Not a Drill! Monday, Jan 15 2007 

The New Orleans Saints have beaten the Eagles and are only one game away from the Super Bowl! This is not a drill! With the Chicago Bears squeaking by the Seahawks today, the Windy City will host the NFC Championship game. The winner will play either the Patriots or the Colts. The Weathers Report is predicting a Saints and Colts Superbowl and a very conflicted Archie Manning. Some scenes from the wild weekend in and around the Dome are below. Who Dat?dscf0892.JPGdscf0887.JPGdscf0867.JPGdscf0883.JPGdscf0882.JPGdscf0891.JPGdscf0878.JPG????

Great Counterfeiters in LSU History? Tuesday, Jan 9 2007 

Rumors are rampant in Baton Rouge and on the internet that LSU backup quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has been implicated in a credit card and counterfeiting ring and kicked off the team.

If true, and we hope it is not – the story has not yet been run by the mainstream media – Perrilloux, a superstar prep player at East St. John who was arguably the top quarterback of the 2005 recruiting class, would join Billy Cannon as one of the great counterfeiters in LSU history. After winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming an orthodontist, of course, Cannon’s penchant counterfeiting led him to serve time in the federal pen.

Developing . . .

Seriously, the Saints Will Win the Super Bowl Monday, Jan 8 2007 

The Weathers Report admittedly does not have the best record with its predictions of a political nature. Recent prognostications have included wins for Mayor Mitch Landrieu (wrong), Congressman Troy Carter (really wrong), and Sheriff Gerald DeSalvo (not really).

Yet in the world of sports, The Weathers Report is poised to have made one of the most far-fetched forecasts of all time. On April 26, 2006, we predicted that the New Orleans Saints would win the Super Bowl. And it could happen. And it’s not just The Weathers Report who thinks so.

Sure, there are idiots like “Choptalk” who are saying it:

SAINTS 39 CHARGER (sic) 21

But so does Ron Borges, a contributor to msnbc.com:

The Saints explosive offense and scrambling defense should carry them into the Super Bowl against the Chargers, where MVP candidate Drew Brees should exact revenge on his former team and give us one of the feel-good stories on the year.

This about a team that has won only one playoff game in its 40-year existence. It is poised to win the Super Bowl. WHO DAT?????!!!!!!

The Saints will beat the Eagles and the Seahawks to reach the Super Bowl for a rematch against the Ravens. And the Saints will win. And New Orleans will be burned to the ground in celebration. You heard it here first.