The Weathers Report admittedly does not have the best record with its predictions of a political nature. Recent prognostications have included wins for Mayor Mitch Landrieu (wrong), Congressman Troy Carter (really wrong), and Sheriff Gerald DeSalvo (not really).

Yet in the world of sports, The Weathers Report is poised to have made one of the most far-fetched forecasts of all time. On April 26, 2006, we predicted that the New Orleans Saints would win the Super Bowl. And it could happen. And it’s not just The Weathers Report who thinks so.

Sure, there are idiots like “Choptalk” who are saying it:

SAINTS 39 CHARGER (sic) 21

But so does Ron Borges, a contributor to

The Saints explosive offense and scrambling defense should carry them into the Super Bowl against the Chargers, where MVP candidate Drew Brees should exact revenge on his former team and give us one of the feel-good stories on the year.

This about a team that has won only one playoff game in its 40-year existence. It is poised to win the Super Bowl. WHO DAT?????!!!!!!

The Saints will beat the Eagles and the Seahawks to reach the Super Bowl for a rematch against the Ravens. And the Saints will win. And New Orleans will be burned to the ground in celebration. You heard it here first.