Typical law school answer and question:

Answer: Illness of a party or attorney. Want of material testimony, document or other essential evidence. Unavoidable absence of an essential witness. The New Orleans Saints are playing in the NFC Championship game for the first time in the franchise’s forty-year history.

Question: What are valid grounds to postpone a jury trial?

Kudos to Sher Garner’s Chris Chocheles, whose Sean Payton-obsessed wife is the blonde pictured twice in the last story, for filing the Saints-based motion shown below. In an e-mail statement to The Weathers Report, Chocheles, a long-suffering Saints fan and season ticket holder, explains why the trial delay was absolutely necessary:

Because we fully expect the Saints to win, which will quite possibly signal the end of the world, cats and dogs living together, etc., we felt that it would be prudent to give the city and its residents (including your humble correspondent) the opportunity to enjoy the game with no worries about trudging to court the next morning.

BTW – it was granted!!


Who Dat, my friend. Who Dat.