m_ae8981166a6247589c77d51cf39f938a.jpgAs Super Bowl XLI approaches, most New Orleanians are pulling for the Indianapolis Colts to put a whipping on the hated Chicago Bears. In addition to wanting a win for hometown hero Peyton Manning, Saints fans are still reeling from the bad behavior of Bears fans in Chicago last week. Those who spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars to watch their beloved Saints at Soldier Field complained of taunts, abuse, and intimidation that went well beyond the spirited ribbing that is common at big-ticket sporting events.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley‘s office acknowledged the deplorable behavior and said it “should never have happened.” Offering an excuse for the misconduct, which included taunts like “FEMA Can’t Help You Now!” the office offered that “maybe the Chicago fans got caught up in the moment of the competition between the two teams.”bearsbinladen.jpg

Mike Bayham, a former St. Bernard Parish city councilman and lifelong Saints fan, witnessed this “moment of the competition” first hand. He snapped a photograph of a bear-masked fan with a sign that says “Bears Finishing What Katrina Started.” Bayham, who lost everything in Katrina (except an impressive collection of photographs of himself with every Republican politician since Teddy Roosevelt), was less than amused. His fine report can be found at Bayou Buzz.com.

Clearly, Da Bears fans are a tough lot when it comes to tragic events of historic proportions. One can only imagine how the New York Giants must have felt after 9/11, when Bears fans must have tormented the visitors over their susceptibility to a sneak attack from al-Qaeda (artist rendering right). Or when Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler, who is Jewish, came to play (artist rendering lower left).

To punish the Bears, The Weathers Report hereby picks them to win the Super Bowl by six points, thereby ensuring their defeat. But in reality, we hope Peyton lights ’em up and gives ’em hell. And that their fans burn there, too.bearshitler.jpg