New Orleans Represented Well – on SNL Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

He can be annoying and he’s definitely overexposed in his countless television commercials, but New Orleans native Peyton Manning was actually quite funny on Saturday Night Live this week. Even Patriots fans agree. The United Way public service announcement spoof (above) was classic, and Manning’s portrayal of a March Madness bracket guru was very well done.

Other New Orleanians who have hosted the long running comedy-variety show include John Larroquette, Ellen DeGeneres, and John Goodman. Recent New Orleans transplant Brad Pitt made a cameo in 1998, and of course, Kentwood’s own Britney Spears has pulled double duty (twice) as both the host and musical guest.

Speaking of musical guests, New Orleans has also been well represented in that capacity.  Dr. John, The Meters, Wynton Marsalis, The Neville Brothers, and of course, Harry Connick Jr., have all given musical performances on the show.

Who will be the next New Orleanian to appear?  How about, God forbid, C. Ray?


Blanco Bows Out Out of Bid To Again Beat Bobby Tuesday, Mar 20 2007 

In what is great news for Louisiana, and even better news for Louisiana Democrats, Governor Blanco announced today she will not seek re-election this fall. This may not be good news for Rep. Bobby Jindal, who has had a big lead in polls that have assumed there would be a rematch of the Blanco-Jindal race of 2004. With the race now wide open, Jindal may now find himself running against juggernaut Senator John Breaux, who has promised to make a decision on moving back to Louisiana and entering the race soon. Developing . . . .

Louisiana No Longer Least Healthy State Tuesday, Mar 6 2007 

Our fair state of Louisiana consistently ranks at or near the bottom in statistics like education, income, and reliability of its levee system. Yet things are looking up. In a prominent state-by-state annual health survey, Louisiana recently rocketed in the rankings from the 50th to the 48th most healthy state.

The Morgan Quinto Press’s 14th annual Healthiest State Award is based on twenty-one health-related factors, including percentage of uninsureds, per capita expenditures for health care, and percentage of adult smokers.

Louisiana’s high rates of obesity, children in poverty, cancer deaths, and premature deaths contributed to its relatively poor standing. For 2006, however, it managed to leap frog the unhealthiest states of New Mexico (49th) and Mississippi (50th). Perhaps it is no coincidence that those states also have two of the fattest (albeit relatively effective) governors in the country.

Vermont placed first in the survey, the fifth time in six years it has done so. Yet Vermonters must know their status is in jeopardy.  The  (not-so-heavy) footsteps of Louisianians are gaining ground on them every day.