Pinkerton Triplets Complete First Month at Home Friday, Aug 17 2007 

Will, Mary Avery, and CeCe Pinkerton have been home for a month and all is well, says Weathers Report senior high order-multiples correspondent, Michael H. Pinkerton. They, along with big sister Hadley, Mom, and Dad, made their first outing last weekend, to Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria. Pinkerton says they are gearing up for the mother of all outings, to Superior Bar and Grill. Developing . . . .



To Houston Mean Dean May Careen Friday, Aug 17 2007 

Dean looks mean. To Houston? Yet to be seen.

Fifth Circuit Says the Flood Was a Flood Thursday, Aug 2 2007 

Homeowners who lacked flood insurance coverage will not be able to recover losses from Katrina-related water inundation from their homeowners’ policies, according to a ruling issued today by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The New Orleans-based appellate court reversed a lower court’s ruling that certain insurers’ policies could be interpreted to cover water damages from a levee breach, where the breach occurred in part because the levee was negligently designed, constructed or maintained. It found that the “enormous and devastating inundation of water into the city” was a “flood,” and was therefore excluded from the homeowners’ policies.

Judge Carolyn Dineen King of Houston, Texas (pictured left) rendered the decision for the Court.  Thanks Houston.

Alleged Child Predator Was Just Performing His Own Personal Investigation Wednesday, Aug 1 2007 

Attorneys can subscribe to a service called Courthouse News Service, which reports on new lawsuits filed in particular courts. Below is a dandy suit evidently filed pro se (without a lawyer) by Henry Harris, 34, 36081 La. 1036, Holden, Louisiana.

A prison guard at Angola, Harris claims he was wrongfully arrested as an alleged child predator. He says that when he drove to the house of the woman he met online, he did so BECAUSE she said she was fifteen and he was merely investigating whether or not she was being abused or legally neglected. OK. Watch for Congressman Bill Jefferson to adopt a similar “personal sting operation” strategy to explain the cold cash in his freezer.

Henry Harris v. Hammond City; Roddy Devall, Police Chief; Jeanine Cruz, Police Detective; Wayne Scivicque, Police Sergeant; Melissa Peri, Former Hammond Police Officer; Jimmy Travis, Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Deputy; Charles Foti, Attorney General; Louisiana Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force; Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office; all unknown members of and participants in the Hammond City Police’s internet sting operation, “Operation Safenet”
7/30/2007 07-cv-03890
(New Orleans)

Lawsuit for wrongful arrest. Because the plaintiff, a guard at Angola, is aware of the mandatory reporter laws, which stipulate that a person who has knowledge of child abuse or neglect legally has to report the abuse, he went to Hammond to investigate whether a woman he met in an online chat room was actually 15, as she reported being. When he got to where the woman said she lived, he was arrested. Paid download

Henry Harris
Pro se