Rave Reviews For Firm Handling Assessment Appeals Wednesday, Sep 19 2007 

Taking care of business with the government can be a miserable experience. Public servants are too often underpaid, surly, and incompetent.

This need not be the case, as evidenced by the massive tax assessment appeal process presently underway in the Superdome. Frilot, L.L.C., the law firm that was contracted by the City Council to handle the appeals is getting rave reviews for being well prepared and customer-friendly. Residents are getting a fair shake and being treated with respect in the process. A letter to the Council from one such resident is below.

One can only imagine how much better off the region would be had Frilot or a local firm like it been hired to administer the Road Home program.  Or to run the City.

—– Original Message —–
To: Arnie Fielkow
Sent: Tue Sep 18 13:39:11 2007
Subject: Tax Appeals

Hello Arnie,

We wanted to give you some feedback on the tax appeal process.

XXXXXX and I went for our appointment today for seven appeals at 11:30 AM and for the record we wanted you to know that the firm handling the appeals was well prepared.

When we drove into the parking lot the attendant had our name on the list and when we entered the dome another sign in desk had our name listed. Then we went to another sign in desk and they had our appointment listed and we were given the number of the hearing officer. We only had a three minute wait to see the hearing officer.

Everyone that we came in contact with was very helpful and extremely nice to us and we were treated with respect.

Thanks to you and the rest of the City Council for the manner that this very sensitive issue is being handled.

As you know the results will not be known by the taxpayer until the end of October but no matter what the outcome will be we wanted to share with you our feelings and to thank you and the Council for a job well done.

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Pinkerton Triplets Announced Tuesday, Sep 18 2007 


New Orleans Tax Appeal Process Taking Shape Monday, Sep 10 2007 

From its inception in December 2005, The Weathers Report has advocated a fairer and more transparent tax process for the City of New Orleans, including the elimination of the silly seven-assessor system. The success of the assessor consolidation movement has resulted in, not surprisingly, dramatically higher assessments for many of the city’s residents for 2008.

While only a handful of assessments have been challenged in years past, the city is now faced with adjudicating over 5000 individual appeals for the 2008 tax year. Determined to ensure a timely and equitable appeals process, the New Orleans City Council has turned to Frilot L.L.C., a local law firm with experience handling mass disputes, to administer the process.

All appeals hearings will occur between September 17 and October 15 before qualified hearing officers, many of whom will be experienced local realtors. Each taxpayer filing an appeal will be provided with a toll free number to reschedule a hearing if given a hearing date that is inconvenient. All residential appeal hearings will likely be held in the New Orleans Superdome, at the Club Level, courtesy of the Louisiana Superdome.

Additional information on the tax appeal process can be obtained at www.neworleanstaxappeal.com.

Super Shutouts for Saints and Tigers Wednesday, Sep 5 2007 

hpim0615.jpgAre you ready for some FOOTBALL? For the first time in recent memory, if ever, the Saints and Tigers took the field at exactly the same time, and delighted the faithful with a pair of shutouts. The Tigers creamed the Mississippi State Bulldogs 45-0, while the Saints, still in preseason mode, blanked the Miami Dolphins 7-0.

With multiple weeknight gridiron options available, at least one New Orleans family divided into split squads, with Mom and the triplets watching the LSU game and Dad and the little girl going to the Superdome. The trips fell asleep at halftime, and the little girl was traumatized after stepping in nacho cheese up to her ankle. Fortunately, the girl and sandal are now doing fine.

000_0483.jpgNext up, the Saints kick off the NFL season with a huge Thursday night matchup against Peyton Manning and the Colts, and #2 ranked LSU takes on #9 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies.