From its inception in December 2005, The Weathers Report has advocated a fairer and more transparent tax process for the City of New Orleans, including the elimination of the silly seven-assessor system. The success of the assessor consolidation movement has resulted in, not surprisingly, dramatically higher assessments for many of the city’s residents for 2008.

While only a handful of assessments have been challenged in years past, the city is now faced with adjudicating over 5000 individual appeals for the 2008 tax year. Determined to ensure a timely and equitable appeals process, the New Orleans City Council has turned to Frilot L.L.C., a local law firm with experience handling mass disputes, to administer the process.

All appeals hearings will occur between September 17 and October 15 before qualified hearing officers, many of whom will be experienced local realtors. Each taxpayer filing an appeal will be provided with a toll free number to reschedule a hearing if given a hearing date that is inconvenient. All residential appeal hearings will likely be held in the New Orleans Superdome, at the Club Level, courtesy of the Louisiana Superdome.

Additional information on the tax appeal process can be obtained at