Many attribute Bobby Jindal’s loss in the 2003 governor’s race to his poor showing in normally conservative north Louisiana. Jindal’s more liberal opponent fared better in that area, arguably because many were uncomfortable voting for a person not of the caucasian persuasion. It sounds like a Jeff Foxworthy joke: If you vote based solely on skin color, you might be a redneck. Not that Jindal’s opponent in the 2003 race was unqualified; after all she had been the state’s lieutentant governor. It just turns out she was petty, overwhelmed and incompetent when we needed her the most.

Four years later, we have a second chance to make it right. Jindal’s brilliance, confidence, and tenacity will make him an excellent governor. Yes, his hoakey campaign has centered on his mushy feelings. But we already know he’s a policy wonk. He’s just dying to ruminate on health care, education, and the economy, and will do so as soon as his advisers cut him loose. He’s running like the incumbent he really should be right now, and that’s fine.  Now he’ll have until 2015 to turn things around.  Unless he runs for President between now and then.  And that would be fine, too.

Don’t be a redneck. Vote for Bobby Jindal, Governor.