Santa Expected in New Orleans at 10:15 PM CST Monday, Dec 24 2007 

Santa Claus is expected to arrive in New Orleans at 10:15 p.m. CST this Christmas Eve, a spokesperson for NORAD tells The Weathers Report. NORAD is using the government’s state-of-the-art satellite technology to track Santa’s around-the-globe trek. As of press time, Santa was in the Central Republic of Congo, heading west, and right on schedule. For more updates, call NORAD at 1 (877) 446-6723.

Impeachment for Judge Porteous? Thursday, Dec 20 2007 

The 5th Circuit Judicial Council has determined that United States District Judge G. Thomas Porteous of New Orleans has engaged in conduct that might constitute grounds for impeachment, including making false statements in his Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, receiving gifts and things of value from attorneys who had cases pending before him, and submitting inaccurate and misleading financial disclosures from 1994-2000. The panel has forwarded the record on to the Judicial Conference of the United States, which could make a similar recommendation to Congress.

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Happy Holidays! Sunday, Dec 16 2007 


Falcons Fans Ask Saints Fans for Paper Bags Friday, Dec 14 2007 


‘Twas an LSU Christmas Tuesday, Dec 4 2007 

By: Unknown

Twenty four days before Christmas, in a state in the south,
Les Miles was pissed as he opened his mouth.
“Miles to Michigan,” was reported as fact.
To which Miles responded, “Herbie you don’t know jack!”

The Tigers had suffered a gut wrenching loss,
At the hands of McFadden and the rest of the hogs.
And Bo in his sweatshirt, and Miles in his Hat.
Were determined to prove they were better than that!

When the Tennessee Vols ran out on the field,
There were ruckus applause from the mentally ill.
Still in the locker room, Les told his team,
“This season ain’t over. We still have a dream.”

The hurt throwing arm of QB Matt Flynn
Meant Ryan was the man they put their faith in.
Then the fans all heard, what Les said in the Dome.
“I ain’t goin’ anywhere. I’m happy. I’m Home!”

The fans were still thinking “This might be a trick.”
’til someone pointed out “Hey, this guy ain’t Nick!”
The Hat took the field for this championship game,
And he brought all his Tigers, and called them by name;

“Now, Hester! Now, Early! Now, Highsmith and Putt!
Let’s let ‘er rip and shut these guys up!
Take to the field Men! Give it your all!
Then later we’ll watch numbers 1 & 2 fall.”

The fans still weren’t sure as to what team would show,
The Virginia Tech game seemed like so long ago.
But there in the stands, the fans they did cheer,
As Perrilloux played his game of the year.

While out in Ar-Kansas, the hogs claimed the boot,
The Tigers were focused on far better loot.
With the game knotted up, Ainge threw a quick out
But Zenon was ready and took six to the house.

He wore a LSU jacket, and a white turtle neck,
The same as he wore when his team beat La Tech.
With the hat on his head, and a childish grin,
Les put his team in the title picture again.

His smile-how it widened! as Pitt won its game!
He cheered Oklahoma, when it did the same.
The stars were aligning, it couldn’t be true.
Turns out Miles WAS destined, to play O-S-U.

With a month to prepare and a month to heal up,
We’re all pretty sure which team will show up.
He ain’t going to Michigan, and we’re sure of that.
But Tressel and the Buckeyes should still Fear the Hat.

On December first, he called L-S-U home.
Then set up the Tigers, to play again in the Dome.
It soon will be legend, how Les started that day,
“Can’t talk now. . . . I’m busy. . . . [Y’all] have a GREAT day!”