LSU Fans Soak Up New Orleans in Big BCS Win Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

Congratulations to the 2007-2008 LSU Fighting Tigers for winning yet another football national championship in New Orleans.  Dare we say dynasty?  Chris Rose’s column does a great job capturing the scene around town, and so have The Weathers Report photographers:



Louisiana Prepares to Shut Down for BCS Game Saturday, Jan 5 2008 

As the BCS national championship game in New Orleans approaches and LSU and Ohio State begin final preparations for Monday’s slugfest, Louisianians have begun shutting down their lives in eager anticipation.

Last month, a state court judge near Baton Rouge agreed to postpone a trial scheduled to start on game day in response to an impassioned entreaty of defense counsel. The formal motion is below. Notably, the motion was unopposed, which is not surprising considering that both lawyers are members of the Tiger Pimp Nation, a group that visits LSU away games donned in the colorful garb of prostitute managers. Loyal readers of this space will recall Louisiana now has a precedent for upsetting trial dates on the eve of historic football games; a New Orleans judge postponed a jury trial scheduled for the day after the New Orleans Saints’ first trip to the NFC Championship game.

Closer to home in New Orleans, at least one private school utilized its emergency telephone and e-mail notification system to alert parents that classes would not begin until 10:00 a.m. on the morning after the game. This in evident anticipation of the late night revelry in which the pre-kindergarteners will no doubt partake after the imminent LSU victory. And imminent it is.