New Orleans Class Action Accuses Belichick of Fraud, RICO Monday, Feb 18 2008 

Cheaters sometimes win but they can also get sued. A former St. Louis Rams player and some attendees at the 2002 Super Bowl in New Orleans have filed a lawsuit for fraud, RICO violation, and unfair trade practices for videotaping the Rams’ walk-through prior to the game, which was against NFL rules. The lawsuit, filed in New Orleans federal court, seeks class action status to represent all the Rams players and season ticket holders and everyone who went to the game.

So New Orleanians, if you were lucky enough to go the game – which was a terrific nail biter decided by a last-second field goal – now you may be able to get your money back! Plus punitive damages! The New Orleans local counsel for the plaintiffs is John L. Young (581-2200).


Happy Valentine’s Day! Saturday, Feb 16 2008