Arthur Leads Off Hurricane Season 2008 Saturday, May 31 2008 

Hurricane season 2008 is upon us! Arthur is leading us off, headed for Belize. Not to worry, it’s barely a strong breeze.

But the hurricane geniuses at Colorado State University – shouldn’t they be studying earthquakes or avalanches? – predict an above average probability of a major hurricane striking the United States in 2008. Right now, they are guessing 15 named storms, 8 of them hurricane, and 4 of them intense. They also predict a 44% chance of a major hurricane (Cat 3 or higher) hitting somewhere along the Gulf Coast from Brownsville to the Florida pandhandle. (UPDATE: AP questions utility of pre-season hurricane forecasts.)

Of course, they may amend their predictions down the line, like they usually do. But if they’re right, we need to hunker down you guys. Hunker down one more time.


Another Year, Another Video Thursday, May 29 2008 

Congrats Pre-K Sacred Heart girls on another school year in the books.  Once again, The Weathers Report has obtained an advance copy of the (unauthorized) end-of-the-year video.  Have a great summer girls!  Next up?  KINDERGARTEN.  Wow!  Sorry parents, no more deducting the tuition as childcare expenses.  Ouch!

30,000 Hits! Friday, May 23 2008 

Despite a dearth of articles of late, The Weathers Report has surpassed 30,000 hits! Thank you kind readers – more articles to follow.

Hadley Cyrus and the Trips Sunday, May 18 2008