Wicked Breeze Hits Maine Monday, Sep 29 2008 

Govnah, the moose have been right out straight dealing with that wicked breeze Kyle.



Multiple Trees Remain Down in Baton Rouge Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 

Photographs of the devastation in Baton Rouge continue to trickle in from the survivors of Hurricane Gustav.  To make matters worse, Baton Rouge lacks the undocumented workers needed to recover from the disaster, and hurricane-stricken Houston is unwilling to share.  It could be days, even a fortnight, before Baton Rouge is back to normal.

Bisso Marine Learns Houston Gets Hurricanes, Too Thursday, Sep 11 2008 

When Bisso Marine, a 116-year-old New Orleans marine-salvage company, decided to keep its headquaters in Houston after moving there days after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans CityBusiness quoted its owner Cappy Bisso as saying New Orleans is “depressing.”  He said he moved because he couldn’t “live in [his] Uptown house that took 4 feet of water and, with all the goings-on and lack of infrastructure.”

You know Capster, Houston gets hurricanes, too.  Depressing?  Maybe, but things lightened up after the Saints-Falcons Breakthrough Miracle and Chris Rose went on Cymbalta.  My definition of depressing?  Houston has three Pancho’s locations.

Praying for the Victims of Hurricane Gustav Tuesday, Sep 9 2008 

Will Baton Rouge ever recover?  Maybe they should move the city.  Has anyone else noticed an increase in traffic in New Orleans?

Houston, You Have a Problem Monday, Sep 8 2008 

Hurricane Ike: The Brother of All Storms