From an avid reader of The Weathers Report:

When my mom was pregnant with me she ate there 5 out 7 days in the week, and it was a weekly visit to Pancho’s ever since my birth.
I am now 16, and cannot wait to go eat the food that is in my blood.


And from the Unofficial Pancho’s Facebook Page:

Henry Rodriguez (Tulane) wrote
at 12:12pm yesterday
Thank you for your response. The ‘soft’ opening was great. People were singing and dancing and Panchito Metairie was taking pictures with everyone! It was indeed a good time.

If you’ve been, you would have noticed that the size of the place has much more seating than the old one on Veterans Blvd. And the way the self-serve is set up works really well. I must admit that I was skeptical about serving myself, however, it worked out well and I didn’t once miss the old way at all.

I want to thank the people that came up to me and introduced themselves. It was nice to meet all of you. I’m sure I will meet many more as time goes by.

Yours truly,


And finally, a tragic tale from the Facebook group:

at 3:11pm yesterday
This just totally wasted our time driving from Slidell to Pancho’s only to discover they open on Monday. Imagine all the money they lost out on because lots of people were constantly driving up.