Mike Pinkerton Project Releases Long-Awaited Album Thursday, Jun 5 2008 

In August 2005, the New Orleans-based musical upstart Mike Pinkerton Project was wrapping up production on its first album, a compilation of dynamic rock, dance, and jazz versions of the classic church praise songs.

As Hurricane Katrina approached, Project founder and frontman Michael H. Pinkerton abandoned the production equipment and tracks (an iMac) on the 38th floor of the Energy Centre for safekeeping. It would be weeks before he was able to retrieve the equipment and months before he could muster the strength and courage to push the Project to finish the compilation.

Now, almost three years later, and to the delight of its dozens of fans, the Project has finally released six of the album’s ten songs on its MySpace artist page: http://www.myspace.com/mikepinkertonproject. The website explains that the Project’s first effort, “Deuteronomy,” is alternatively an album of rock, dance, jazz, and campground revival.

Initial reviews have been mixed. Sara M. asks “Was the leper in Blindman crying before or after he heard the first verse?” Kim V., who received an advance copy of the album for her Project-fanatic children says “Unfortunately, i am intimately familiar with every song on the album as it is a regular in the carousel in the car!!” But Claudette B. says “I love it!”

She really loves it.

* * *

From the MySpace page:

The Mike Pinkerton Project records dynamic versions of the classic church praise songs. Founder and frontman Michael H. Pinkerton, who also serves as the group’s guitarist, keyboardist, and backup vocalists, is a former church camp song leader who cut his teeth “Singing on the Porch” in the north Georgia mountains.

The Project’s first effort, “Deuteronomy,” is alternatively an album of rock, dance, jazz, and campground revival. It was produced with iMac’s GarageBand.

Pinkerton’s earlier work includes performances as the drum major of the Roswell High School Marching Band, President of the Athens Trombone Association, bass guitarist for Atlanta rock sensation Fake I.D., and singer for folk duo Wink Martindale and the Witchdoctors.

Pinkerton lives in New Orleans with his wife and many children.


Hadley Cyrus and the Trips Sunday, May 18 2008 

New Orleans Represented Well – on SNL Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

He can be annoying and he’s definitely overexposed in his countless television commercials, but New Orleans native Peyton Manning was actually quite funny on Saturday Night Live this week. Even Patriots fans agree. The United Way public service announcement spoof (above) was classic, and Manning’s portrayal of a March Madness bracket guru was very well done.

Other New Orleanians who have hosted the long running comedy-variety show include John Larroquette, Ellen DeGeneres, and John Goodman. Recent New Orleans transplant Brad Pitt made a cameo in 1998, and of course, Kentwood’s own Britney Spears has pulled double duty (twice) as both the host and musical guest.

Speaking of musical guests, New Orleans has also been well represented in that capacity.  Dr. John, The Meters, Wynton Marsalis, The Neville Brothers, and of course, Harry Connick Jr., have all given musical performances on the show.

Who will be the next New Orleanian to appear?  How about, God forbid, C. Ray?

Lost Fifth Act of Spike Lee Documentary Revealed Thursday, Sep 7 2006 

47b5d731b3127cce940769c3357600000015108acngrdszbuv.jpg47b5d731b3127cce940769f1354400000045108acngrdszbuv_1.jpgA year ago this week, New Orleans downtown businesses were able to return to the city for the first time after Hurricane Katrina. With much of the city still flooded, the short visits were merely to take a quick inventory of damage and retrieve critical assets. It would be another month or more before most businesses were able to return for good.

It is not widely known (nor is it true) that Spike Lee’s renowned HBO documentary, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, was originally made up of five acts. Act V focused on the trek of a New Orleans law firm into the city and up the 36 flights of steps to their wind-and-rain damaged offices. The Weathers Report has obtained and is proud to air this lost fifth act; you can view it by clicking below.

(Thanks) Houston Seeks to Purloin Essence of New Orleans Wednesday, Aug 16 2006 


The flood waters from Katrina had barely been pumped back into Lake Pontchartrain when the despicable mayor of San Antonio began working to keep the beloved New Orleans Saints in the Alamodome permanently. Fortunately, the esteemed NFL Commissioner, Paul Tagilabue, put the kibosh on the move, recognizing it would be gauche to steal from a city that had just suffered the worst natual disaster in American history. Instead, the Saints will play every home game, before sellout crowds no less, in the Superdome. (Kickoff in 39 days.)

But that has not stopped some in (Thanks) Houston, our friendly Gulf South neighbor to the west, from working to keep the Essence Festival, the hugely popular music and empowerment seminar that was relocated to Houston while the Superdome undergoes disaster repairs. The Houston Chronicle reported earlier this week that music executive Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyoncé, is working with Houston city officials to land the Essence Festival again in 2007. Before this year, the festival had never been held outside New Orleans. Over this past July Fourth weekend, the festival pumped an estimated $90 million into the (Thanks) Houston economy.

Obviously fearing a NOLA media maelstrom, the (Thanks) Houston Visitors and Convention Bureau politely refused The Weathers Report‘s request for comment and directed all inquiries to the festival organizers. An Essence spokeswoman had earlier explained the group was negotiating with Houston and New Orleans, and that a decision for 2007 was expected within the next few weeks.

Perhaps Mayor Nagin is working feverishly behind the scenes to keep the festival in New Orleans. But probably not. Just last month, (Thanks) Houston welcomed the permanent relocation of Bisso Marine, a marine salvage company that had been headquartered here for 116 years. (It is unknown whether Nagin kept his election night promise to send them a post card.) Instead, we better hope there is a Paul Tagliabue of R&B Music.

(Keegan Chopin, Senior Correspondent in The Weathers Report Houston Bureau, contributed to this story.)


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Going forward, all information about the Essence Festival in Houston will come directly from the festival. Thanks!

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Festival permanently relocated from New Orleans. Would someone from the Houston Visitors and Convention Bureau care to comment on that? Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.



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Chickadees Steal Show With Bikini Number Sunday, Jul 23 2006 

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. In fact, all the Chickadees did. The three year-old class of the first ever summer camp at the Academy of the Sacred Heart brought down the house at the end-of-camp talent show with Brian Hyland’s number one hit single from 1960.

Although the Flamingos, Bluebirds, and Cardinals followed with serviceble numbers, especially the Cardinals and their rendition of Surfin’ USA, the Chickadees definitely stole the show with their hip shakin’, elbow swingin’ high spirited performance.

The Weathers Report is proud to announce that it has partnered with YouTube.com to bring you regular video supplements of its stories, including the Chickadees’ final performance – simply click below:

Theater Review: “G–damn Bitch Set Me Up!” Monday, May 22 2006 

"G–damn Bitch Set Me Up!" exclaims the congressman, echoing Marion Barry's famous line from 1990. He has just learned that the woman who has ostensibly funnelled him $100,000 for bribing a high jefferson, william.jpegranking Nigerian official is actually an FBI informant. And that the FBI has it all on tape. And that the FBI has raided his house and found the cash in his freezer back home.

The play of the same name, "G–damn Bitch Set Me Up!," opened at the Uptown Theatre in New Orleans yesterday. William Jefferson (D) plays the lead role of the star-crossed New Orleans congressman, who is actually the victim of a Republican plot to divert attention from the lobbying and corruption scandals threatening to derail their re-election efforts.

Although mildly entertaining at times, the play leaves much to be desired. Its tired portrayal of a Louisiana Democrat falsely accused of accepting bribes in exchange for his official duties has worn thin with audiences, especially coming so soon after "Is that $20,000 in your Pocket or are you Just Happy to See Me?" starring Sen. Cleo Fields (D) and Gov. Edwin Edwards (D). The dialogue, which includes implausible lines like Jefferson's "All these damn notes we're writing to each other as if we're talking, as if the FBI is watching," to the wire-wearing FBI informant, is simply too corny for sophisticated tastes.

Yet the supporting cast is stellar, with Paul J. McNulty playing the overzealous federal prosecutor (below) and Lori Mody as the wealthy business woman-turned-mcnulty.jpegpawn of thelori mody.jpegbrett pfeffer.jpeg Republican establishment (believed to be pictured near left). Nice performances are also given by the zany duo of former Jefferson aide Brett Pfeffer (believed to be pictured right, on right) and telecommunications CEO Vernon Jackson (far right), who perplexingly copvernon jackson.jpeg plea deals with federal prosecutors, as well atiku.jpgas Robert Trout rtrout.jpg(left) and Abubakar Atiku (right), who are hilarious in their portrayals of Jefferson's overwhelmed defense lawyer and Nigeria's gregarious vice-president, respectively.

"G–damn Bitch Set Me Up!" is set to run through this fall, when Louisiana's Second District could, but probably will not, elect a new representative to Congress.

Christmas Morning 2005 Thursday, Jan 12 2006 

There’s nothing more beautiful than a child on Christmas morning.

xmas still.jpg xmas still2 18.jpg