Mike V, 1989-2007 Friday, May 18 2007 

Mike V, the official mascot of Louisiana State University, passed away this morning due to renal failure.

Funeral plans are underway, and pictures from the informal wake are below.  But there is no word yet as to whether colleagues UGA VI, Smokey IX, or Bevo XIV will be in attendance.

As wikipedia explains, Mike V was originally named Stevie, until he was donated by Dr. Thomas and Caroline Atchison of the Animal House Zoological Park in Mouton, Alabama. Born on October 18, 1989, the 7-pound baby tiger was introduced to LSU fans at a basketball game in February 1990. In his 17-year reign, Mike V saw an LSU football team win another National Championship (in 2003) and received both a new trailer and a massive renovation of his enclosure.

In March 2007, Mike V officially began a three-stage retirement. His personal vet, David Baker, cited his age and health as reasons. Mike V retained his mascot status and lived in his on-campus habitat until his death.



Where are you Mike the Tiger?


Catley Pinkerton, 14, Beloved Orange Tabby Wednesday, Dec 27 2006 

catley1.jpgAlmost a year to the day after she captivated the blogosphere by making a triumphant return home from a mysterious three-week disappearance, Catley Pinkerton, the 14-year old orange tabby, passed away Tuesday in New Orleans due to natural causes. Formerly known as Hadley Catley Pinkerton, the beloved lap cat was originally from the Lower Ninth Ward.  She was adopted from the LA/SPCA in 1992. Aside from brief stints in Baton Rouge (three years of law school and one month after Katrina), she lived in New Orleans her entire life. She enjoyed naps, meowling, soft food, and watching television. She disliked her litter box. A private memorial service for friends and family is planned for this weekend. Survivors include her step-cat brother, Spencer. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the LA/SPCA.