No Guns at Parades Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 

It’s time to increase the penalties on the statute designed to curb parade violence. (LSA-R.S. 14:95.2.1).  It looks like waterguns and the the bayonets carried by the Citadel guys are exempt. The guns supposedly carried by the alleged perps on 2nd and St. Charles definitely are not.

But the Legislature should increase the maximum sentence from 5 to 25 years just in case the main charges can’t stick. It should also figure out a a way to increase rewards for information leading to arrests for parade-related charges and advertise these laws on radio stations and billboards in crime-ridden areas near parade routes.

Let’s send a message to the gangsters. If you want to shoot another thug, do it in the hood, not at a Mardi Gras parade.

LSA-R.S. 14:95.2.1

Illegal carrying of a firearm at a parade with any firearm used in the commission of a crime of violence

A. Whoever commits the crime of illegal carrying of weapons pursuant to R.S. 14:95 with any firearm used in the commission of a crime of violence as defined in R.S. 14:2(B), within one thousand feet of any parade or demonstration for which a permit is issued by a governmental entity, shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars, or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not less than one year nor more than five years, or both.

Any sentence issued pursuant to the provisions of this Subsection and any sentence issued pursuant to a violation of a crime of violence as defined in R.S. 14:2(B) shall be served consecutively.

B. As used in this Section, the following words mean:

(1) “Firearm” means any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, machine gun, submachine gun, or assault rifle, which is designed to fire or is capable of firing fixed cartridge ammunition or from which a shot or projectile is discharged by an explosive.

(2) “Parade” for the purposes of this Section shall be defined as any celebration of Mardi Gras or directly related pre-Lenten or carnival related festivities, school parades, parish parades, state parades or municipal parades, or any demonstration for which a permit is issued by a governmental entity.

(3) “Parade route” means any public sidewalk, street, highway, bridge, alley, road, or other public passageway upon which a parade travels. C. Lack of knowledge that the prohibited act occurred on or within one thousand feet of the parade route shall not be a defense. C

CREDIT(S) Added by Acts 2004, No. 661, § 1. HISTORICAL AND STATUTORY NOTES 2008 Electronic Pocket Part Update Pursuant to the statutory revision authority of the Louisiana State Law Institute, in 2006, “R.S. 14:2(B)” was substituted for “R.S. 14:2(13)” in the first and second sentences of subsec. A. LSA-R.S. 14:95.2.1, LA R.S. 14:95.2.1 Current through the 2008 Regular Session Copr © 2009 Thomson Reuters/West. END OF DOCUMENT


Pancho’s Threatens to Reopen in Ho-Hos Thursday, Jan 29 2009 


Our worst fears have been confirmed. According to a post on the Facebook group “R.I.P. Pancho’s on Veterans,” a misguided group that places their gluttonous desire for flag-raising-on demand sopapillas over any disdain for the Texas company that abandoned the city after Katrina, Panchito Metairie writes that Pancho’s is in fact opening in the old Ho Ho Super Buffet location as early as March 2009.

The best thing to come out of Hurricane Katrina next to a single assessor . . . is no more.

Panchito Metairie wrote
at 12:37pm
Yes, it’s true! We are opening in the old Ho Ho Super Buffet location, and are shooting for sometime in March. We don’t want to give a firm date yet, because we don’t want to disappoint anyone if we run into delays. We will keep you updated.

In the meantime, be thinking of what you want to wear for the Grand Opening Photos. We want to take lots of them so we can create a “Wall of Fame” to honor our fans who did not give up!

We are thinking of displaying some pictures of the old location as well, so if you have some you would like to share, let us know.

Demolishing the Old Exxon Thursday, Jan 29 2009 


The corner of St. Charles Avenue and Louisiana is coming to life with the recent opening of the Borders bookstore in the once creepy old funeral home and today, the demolition of the lousy boarded-up Exxon gas station.

The wannabe sandwich shoppe with its ridiculous processed cheese has been leveled on one corner and the Rite Aid, which took its sweet time reopening after Katrina, appears to be running full speed.

As for the old Exxon locale, must we settle for another boring bank branch? Unite people, is it too much to hope for a drive-through daiquiri shop? Don’t even get us started on the wild Pancho’s rumors.

Congratulations Cao Thursday, Dec 11 2008 

Congratulations Congressman-elect Joseph Cao!  The new representative from the Louisiana Second District is the first Vietmamese-American to be elected to Congress, possibly the shortest person in the legislative branch, and more importantly, one of the first candidates endorsed by The Weathers Report to ever win an election.

Republican leader John Boehner boldly proclaimed that Cao is “a symbol of our future.”  Evidently he was referring to the party’s committment to freedom and reform and not suggesting that none of the House Republicans has a sneaxball’s chance in hell of winning re-election.

Democrats will certainly mount a significant challenge to regain the seat, and the chances of Cao’s being re-elected are about on par with New Orleanians seeing heavy sneax in mid-December.

In the meantime, Congressman-elect Cao, enjoy the ride and make us proud!


To: House Republicans
From: Leader Boehner
Re: The Future is Cao
Date: 07 Dec 08

The people of Louisiana this weekend elected two new House Republicans, with Anh “Joseph” Cao ousting a corrupt Democratic incumbent in a heavily Democratic district and John Fleming successfully defending the seat held by retiring Rep. Jim McCrery, a seat Democratic leaders and their special interest allies had circled on the map and gone all-out in hopes of winning.

As The Hill reported last night, the Louisiana results “give Republicans a second shot of good news in less than a week, following Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ relatively easy win in a runoff in that state.”

As House Republicans look ahead to the next two years, the Cao victory is a symbol of what can be achieved when we think big, present a positive alternative, and work aggressively to earn the trust of the American people. Joseph Cao is a Vietnamese immigrant whose experience in America drew him to the Republican Party and its traditional commitment to freedom and reform. Working with like-minded Republicans such as Governor Bobby Jindal, he took an aggressive stand against corruption, offering a principled alternative to what voters were offered by the local Democratic establishment. Shrugging off conventional wisdom, he ran as a reformer in a district hungry for new representation in Congress. And he won.

While Washington Democrats are busy spinning the Jefferson debacle as an aberration, they are in the process of trading it in for a new debacle with greater implications for national policy. Just days before the Cao win, Speaker Pelosi declared she “does not foresee” a change in the current leadership of the Ways & Means Committee, whose chairman faces questions about potential abuses of tax laws and House rules. It’s disappointing the Speaker does not foresee making a change in the Ways & Means Committee leadership at this critical time for our nation’s economy. Despite the economic hardships they face, working families across America are paying their taxes, and they deserve the confidence of knowing that the elected officials entrusted with the responsibility of crafting our nation’s economic policies in these challenging times are following the rules as well.

The Cao victory is a symbol of our future. In the two years ahead, House Republicans will demonstrate our commitment to reform by holding ourselves to the highest possible ethical standard – and, with new faces like Joseph Cao and John Fleming and the rest of the incoming GOP freshman class in our ranks, by presenting principled, superior solutions to the challenges facing our country.

I congratulate our two newest colleagues, along with Governor Jindal and the people of Louisiana. And I look forward to working with you as we finish the 110th Congress and begin the 111th.

More Cao Bell Monday, Dec 1 2008 

Joseph Cao is running for Congress against Bill Jefferson.  I like what I’m hearing.  In fact, I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription… is more Cao bell.  Never question the Weathers Report.  1, 2, 3, 4.

Bisso Marine Learns Houston Gets Hurricanes, Too Thursday, Sep 11 2008 

When Bisso Marine, a 116-year-old New Orleans marine-salvage company, decided to keep its headquaters in Houston after moving there days after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans CityBusiness quoted its owner Cappy Bisso as saying New Orleans is “depressing.”  He said he moved because he couldn’t “live in [his] Uptown house that took 4 feet of water and, with all the goings-on and lack of infrastructure.”

You know Capster, Houston gets hurricanes, too.  Depressing?  Maybe, but things lightened up after the Saints-Falcons Breakthrough Miracle and Chris Rose went on Cymbalta.  My definition of depressing?  Houston has three Pancho’s locations.

Praying for the Victims of Hurricane Gustav Tuesday, Sep 9 2008 

Will Baton Rouge ever recover?  Maybe they should move the city.  Has anyone else noticed an increase in traffic in New Orleans?

Houston, You Have a Problem Monday, Sep 8 2008 

Hurricane Ike: The Brother of All Storms

Stormy Weathers for President Thursday, Aug 28 2008 

Click here for the amazing story:

Nice Knowing You Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

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