Happy Holidays! Sunday, Dec 16 2007 



The Pinkerton Triplet Video Tuesday, Nov 20 2007 

Coming soon to a theater near you:

LSU Law Class of 1997 to Reunite, Rap Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 

LSU Law’s Class of 1997 is hosting its reunion at Juban’s Restuarant in Baton Rouge this weekend. The next day, there will be alumni tailgating in conjunction with Homecoming and Hats and Canes. Unfortunately, the Weathers Report will not be represented, citing prior committments. More importantly, will “P Ta Mon” John, f/k/a Professa Q, ’97, make an appearance? trial-lawyer.jpg

Tripletpalooza Tuesday, Oct 2 2007 

img_1157.JPGIt was a triplet bonanza at the Pinkerton house when the Evans girls paid a visit.  Tripletpalooza!

Pinkerton Triplets Announced Tuesday, Sep 18 2007 


Pinkerton Triplets Complete First Month at Home Friday, Aug 17 2007 

Will, Mary Avery, and CeCe Pinkerton have been home for a month and all is well, says Weathers Report senior high order-multiples correspondent, Michael H. Pinkerton. They, along with big sister Hadley, Mom, and Dad, made their first outing last weekend, to Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria. Pinkerton says they are gearing up for the mother of all outings, to Superior Bar and Grill. Developing . . . .


Pinkertons Produce Spike for Parish’s Population Monday, Jul 30 2007 

dscf1230.jpgDoing more than their fair share in the ongoing effort to repopulate Orleans Parish, staff writer Michael H. Pinkerton and wife Meredith recently brought three new citizens into the area. Triplets Will, Mary Avery, and CeCe all weighed around four pounds and after a brief stay in the terrific Ochsner NICU, are at home and doing great. Thanks to the Mothers of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, who have organized a meals-on-wheels program for the recently-expanded clan, the family is eating very very well.






Saints to Super Bowl Via Chicago – This is Not a Drill! Monday, Jan 15 2007 

The New Orleans Saints have beaten the Eagles and are only one game away from the Super Bowl! This is not a drill! With the Chicago Bears squeaking by the Seahawks today, the Windy City will host the NFC Championship game. The winner will play either the Patriots or the Colts. The Weathers Report is predicting a Saints and Colts Superbowl and a very conflicted Archie Manning. Some scenes from the wild weekend in and around the Dome are below. Who Dat?dscf0892.JPGdscf0887.JPGdscf0867.JPGdscf0883.JPGdscf0882.JPGdscf0891.JPGdscf0878.JPG????

Seeking “That Special Girl” for The New Orleans Lover Sunday, Jul 9 2006 

000_0278.JPGIn the first few months after the hurricane, the dating scene in New Orleans, so I’m told, was comparable to that of a frontier town in Alaska. Contractors, guardsman, construction workers, telephone linemen, and other burly men flooded the city (pardon the pun), while single women were more likely to stay evacuated a bit longer. Sure, plenty of women returned quickly or even stayed through the entire ordeal. But no one can argue that the city’s male-female ratio was not out of whack for a while after the storm.

Until recently, I had assumed the situation had righted itself, and dating in New Orleans had returned to normal (or as normal as anything can be around here). That is, until I spotted this billboard on the side of Voodoo BBQ & Grill on St. Charles Avenue. The so-called friends of this poor sap have dubbed him the “New Orleans Lover” and taken out a billboard and website for him, seeking to find him “that special girl.” I know desperate times call for desperate measures, but surely it’s not that bad out there. Have his friends considered that their pal may not even be looking for that special girl? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Non-Roofer Relocates to New Orleans Monday, Jun 5 2006 


New Orleans’ newest resident isn’t a roofer. He doesn’t work for FEMA, and he’s not a mold remediator or a stump grinder. He’s not even Mexican. He’s a lawyer. And not just the condescending do-gooder type who’s down here to criticize the city for wanting to have elections, for refusing to pay for public defenders, or for having toxins in the post-Katrina soil. He’s a bona fide, for-profit business litigator.

David Curtis had accepted a job with a downtown law firm months before Katrina. But unlike many others without family ties to the city, Curtis and his wife immediately moved to the city last month after he finished law school at Ole Miss and passed the Mississippi bar exam. Shortly after the storm, in fact, Curtis took the extra step of racing into town and purchasing an Uptown shotgun double.

“He’s obviously an idiot,” says Jim Silverstein, a partner at the firm at which Curtis is now working and according to sources, still feeling effects from riding out Katrina in his Uptown home. Bewildered that Curtis not only re-confirmed employment after the storm but actually purchased real estate in the storm-ravaged city, he adds, “Why did we hire him?”

For his part, Curtis is “pleased as punch” to be here. He’s studying for the Louisiana bar and excited about the prospect of helping to rebuild a New New Orleans. “I’ve loved this city since I was a child,” says Curtis, who spent time in town each summer growing up visiting a childhood friend. “I’m confident the city will soon be better than ever.” Let’s hope he’s right.