capt.nad24604020445.ncaa_final_four_lsu_ucla__basketball_nad246.jpg A surprisingly terrific LSU basketball season came to an abrupt end Saturday night as UCLA routed the Tigers by the score of 59-45. The defeat left hundreds of Tiger fans stranded in Indianapolis with unwanted championship game tickets, extra nights of hotel rooms, and no return flights until Tuesday. (As reported by WAFB-9, those who forked over the big bucks for tuition to the Big Dance include lifelong Tiger fans Bill and Cherie Peters.)

Take heart, Tiger fans. The Weathers Report is pleased to review five Indiana tourist attractions. As shown below, all of these hotspots are favorable alternatives to enduring Monday night's championship game between the repugnant Florida Gators and UCLA Bruins:

1. Amish Acres and Heritgage Resort – Relive the simple pleasures of yesteryear and experience the lifestyle of the Amish (not to be confused with the Mennonites) through guided tours, farm animals, craft demonstrations, and quaint shops. Think you're hip and cool because you have a blog? Think again. Even the Amish have one. They won't drive a car, but who can resist a ride down the information superhighway?Amish_Hot_Tub_Close_Up__.jpg

2. Studebaker National Musuem – Displays a variety of automobiles, wagons, carriages, and military vehicles related to the Studebaker Corporation, including four carriages used by presidents of the United States.

3. Dan Quayle Center and Vice-Presidential Musuem – Dedicated to the man many believe made President George H.W. Bush "impeachment-proof." Highly recommended by Tiger fan and Quayle acolyte Roger W. Kitchens.

4. RV and Mobile Home Hall of Fame – Tiger fans fortunate enough to arrive in Indy in their own RVs will especially appreciate this RV manufacturing and retail mecca. Houses a collection of antique trailers, memorabilia, historic photographs and artifacts of the Recreational Vehicle/Motor Home industries, and pays tribute to the likes of Elmore Frye, who pioneered the "10 wide" trailer.

And finally . . .

ballofpaint.jpg5. The World's Largest Ball of Paint – It's a baseball with over 19,100 coats of paint on it. A couple from Alexandria, Indiana has spent the past 28 1/2 years painting the same baseball, which now weights 1,700 pounds. For those Tiger fans with a need for perspective, just one look and you'll feel much better about spending a few days and a few bucks dedicated to LSU basketball.

Seriously, here's to a great season of LSU basketball. Good luck to Tyrus Thomas and Big Baby Glen Davis, who will almost certainly head to the NBA, given they are projected to be super-high picks in the upcoming draft.