30,000 Hits! Friday, May 23 2008 

Despite a dearth of articles of late, The Weathers Report has surpassed 30,000 hits! Thank you kind readers – more articles to follow.


20,000 Hits! Sunday, Nov 11 2007 

Ten Thousand Hits! Wednesday, Jan 24 2007 

The Weathers Report would like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your incredible support. In just over a year, we’ve logged over 10,000 hits. That makes us one of the most popular New Orleans-based on-line newspapers published under a Judd Nelson-related pseudonym in American history. Here’s to the next 10,000 hits!

About the Weathers Report Saturday, Dec 31 2005 

Stormy PicThe Weathers Report began publication in December 2005, in post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana. Stormy Weathers is the nom de blog of Michael H. Pinkerton, a business litigator who studied journalism and politics before attending law school at LSU. He has (successfully) argued before the Louisiana Supreme Court and (unsuccessfully) managed the campaign of state senate candidate. His wife and daughter are New Orleans girls who refuse to live anywhere else in the world.